Wedge: Play virtual golf on same simulator Tiger Woods uses

Now you can use the world-class golf simulator found in his home.

Wedge: Play virtual golf on same simulator Tiger Woods uses

Maybe you're no Tiger Woods, but at least you can use the world-class golf simulator found in his home. Located in the heart of Hartamas, community-driven boutique golf lounge and bar Wedge is the first venue in Malaysia equipped with the Full Swing simulators used by Woods, Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth, and other champion golfers.

"Golf in 2023 is a very different pastime than it was 10 years ago. The pandemic created a new breed of golfer who doesn't necessarily have the time or the inclination to spend half a day on the course, and who is looking for a different type of entertainment experience. Full Swing's technology at Wedge perfectly replicates your outdoor game in the virtual world, meaning you can swing away in aircon comfort and enjoy real-time ball flight, whether you're practicing on your own, playing 18 at St Andrews, or competing against your friends in a nearest-the-pin contest. It's accessible, it's affordable, and it really is an awesome experience," Wedge CEO and Co-Founder Tom Sarginson told Digital Life Asia.

Birth of Wedge

L-R: Wedge General Manager Chris Holden, Wedge CEO and Co-Founder Tom Sarginson, and Wedge Co-Founder Desmond See 

While Wedge was launched just this February, Sarginson said that it was actually over 20 years in the making.

"I suppose you could say Wedge was born all the way back in the year 2000 when the company I worked for in Singapore had a Full Swing simulator in its office. Then in 2008 together with a friend, I started City Golf at Bangsar Shopping Centre and followed that up with another outlet in Singapore. After a change in industry for the past 10 years – I'm a co-founder of The Music Run – the opportunity presented itself to get back involved with Full Swing, the world leader in indoor golf tech.

"My business partners and I shared a vision to combine Full Swing tech within a contemporary and stylish bar – the kind of place where we'd want to hang out, hit some balls, and drink some beers. After searching various venues, we landed on the perfect spot in Hartamas, and voila, Wedge was born," he said.

Meanwhile, Wedge General Manager Chris Holden also happens to be the company's resident PGA Professional. He offers individual and group coaching in this high-tech and comfortable environment.

Get golf lessons from Wedge General Manager and PGA Professional Chris Holden

"I first discovered my passion for golf as a young boy. My parents both played golf, so weekends would often be spent at the local country club, which drew me closer to the beautiful game of golf. I played many sports growing up in South Africa, but golf was my favorite," he said.

Driving force of technology

A PGA Professional for over 10 years, Holden graduated from the University of Pretoria with a degree in Sports Science Golf in 2011.

"I got straight into coaching, while opening a new driving range on the university campus. I continued coaching in South Africa until I left for Malaysia in January 2013 and have been based here ever since. My first job posting was at Impact Elite Golf Academy at the Mines Resort & Golf Club where I stayed for over eight years. I've been coaching hundreds of people, both adults and juniors, since I arrived. I joined Wedge in October 2022 to start a new chapter in my golfing career," he said.

Asked if he is amazed as a professional golfer by how advanced technology has become in simulating the game, Holden replied: "From my early years in golf up until now, there has been a huge amount of advancements in technology. It is truly impressive how much new tech comes out each year. If you told me when I was a kid that someday you would play golf indoors with this amount of accuracy, not sure if I would believe you. I think this is just the start and the tech will continue to move forward to even higher heights. And very much looking forward to the journey ahead."

Tiger Woods Sawgrass

The Full Swing simulators set Wedge apart from other entertainment outlets. The simulators feature real-time ball tracking and a selection of over 45 world-class courses, plus football and other virtual sports.

"The ION3 Overhead Camera captures the club and initial ball launch data as it records HD video of your clubhead at impact. Then as your ball travels toward the screen, it passes four high-speed linescan cameras capturing the ball in real-time to provide realistic ball flight just like you were on the course. The Full Swing simulator is so accurate and so fast, that it really has to be seen to be believed," said Wedge Co-Founder Desmond See.

The 1,800-square foot contemporary indoor venue incorporates a mixture of social space and a dedicated area for golf and virtual sports. It also has a lounge equipped with two simulators and a karaoke zone, as well as a free-to-use simulator in the bar area.

"We’ll soon be announcing our next venue in Petaling Jaya, a 15,000-square foot indoor driving range, featuring 20 bays, an academy, a retail store, and a sports bar and restaurant," Sarginson said.

So, looking for a different kind of golfing experience? Swing by Wedge today.