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ChildFirst and Ednovation: Future-proofing preschoolers with AI
Ednovation Founder Dr. Richard Yen believes AI will revolutionize education and change the nature of jobs.
Crypto Expo Asia announces latest headline speakers, partners
This year also marks the debut of the Web3 Expo Asia Summit, a sub-event under the auspices of Crypto Expo Asia.
Community management from the POV of community managers
We examine community management by talking to the people who understand it best: the community managers themselves.
Crypto Expo Asia announces partnerships, unveils speaker lineup
The event will also include the inaugural Web3 Expo Asia Summit for metaverse- and NFT-specific panels and discussions.
CEREBRA: Kazakh startup taps AI for early stroke detection
AI has the power to revolutionize the healthcare industry.
DEFED: Web3 made simple for web2 users via hybrid model
DEFED aims to combine the usability of a central exchange with the ownership of a decentralized exchange.
Forest Interactive, Wing Bank transform mobile payments
This partnership is part of the bank’s commitment to providing customers with a better digital experience.
Bull or Bear: Bringing blockchain to the grassroots
Events like Bull or Bear: La Union make people understand in layman’s terms the real-world use cases of web3.
Irene Zhao: SO-COL to empower content creators via web3, AI
On web2, even if a creator has a huge following, they don’t own their content or their community.
AFA Superapp: Sports community platform promotes active lifestyle
Sports brings people together, regardless of race, religion, or background.
Resimax Group taps Marvion for world’s 1st digital property membership token
The company is enhancing its existing membership program by embracing web3.
‘Homo Deus’: Tomorrow’s gods and humans
Human society is still based on old religions and ideologies. Ones that are becoming increasingly obsolete and irrelevant.
Bull or Bear La Union: Blockchain on the beach
Bitskwela is a Philippine edutech startup focused on accelerating crypto adoption regionally in the Philippines.
Social media and the illusion of choice
Social media is changing collective human behavior so much that biologists have issued a warning.
Stanible turns superfans into NFT collectors
No hassle. No need for cryptocurrency. No need to connect to a crypto wallet.
Wedge: Play virtual golf on same simulator Tiger Woods uses
Now you can use the world-class golf simulator found in his home.
Forest Interactive Cambodia, Sathapana boost digital payments
Banks are now looking to diversify their service offerings.
Bitstamp APAC GM: Regulation to spur crypto adoption
The Bitstamp exec says it is time to dispel the myth that regulation is bad for crypto innovation.
Kyber Network exec: Indonesian nat’l exchange to impact crypto future
When Indonesia rolls out its national crypto exchange, the whole world will be watching.
Being virtual is no excuse for being vicious
These days, it almost seems as if only two types of social media users exist.
Love, humans and robots
It might be good to reexamine our views on robots — and our ideas of humanity.
Choose content creators, not influencers
Social media influencers used to be authentic. Earned media, in the beginning.
Write for your audience, not algorithms and advertisers
We’re told to “write for your audience”, but have we thought about what this really means?
Of webzines and the Babel Machine
Before blogging became mainstream, I launched a webzine called The Babel Machine Zone.
Web3 in 2023: The good, the bad and the ugly
The silver lining during Crypto Winter is that most of the people left are the builders.