Sushii: The cosplayer as dessert lover

This Malaysian cosplayer is grateful to her Sushii Squad for being with her throughout her cosplay journey.

Sushii: The cosplayer as dessert lover
Sushii as Tifa Lockhart from the video game Final Fantasy VII

A self-described "goldfish" with a 10-second memory, Malaysian cosplayer Sushii's passion for cosplay might be rivaled by her love of dessert.

"On a normal day, I'm an ordinary person like everyone else. Wake up early, take my breakfast, and head out to work like a robot. I like photo shooting and café hopping during my off days. Dessert brings me happiness! That's why I will never be slim," Sushii told Digital Life Asia.

Cosplay journey 

As Yor Forger from the manga and anime series 'SPY×FAMILY'

How did Sushii get into cosplay?

"It started during my university life when I decided to join the Japanese Culture Club. I was in charge of a cosplay event and this is how I dropped myself into a 'black hole'! Till now, I cannot stop cosplaying! I enjoy dressing up in costumes to portray a character. It's like immersing myself into the fantasy world (walking away from reality) for just a moment," she said.

Asked which is her favorite character among the ones she has cosplayed, Sushii replied: "I have done quite a lot of cosplay. If I would need to choose one, it would be Yor Forger. On the same day of photo shooting, I will need to switch my mode from a waifu to assassin. It was also my first time trying to apply oil on my body to make my skin look oily and shiny? I guess you know what I mean? It was fun and I'm happy with the outcome of my work!"

Sushii said that she has a lot of memorable days throughout her cosplay journey.

As Rizu-kyun from the manga and anime series 'My Dress-Up Darling'

"Meeting up with my old and new friends at a cosplay event. I guess it is hard to meet each other once we are working adults? Having friends supporting my work is a dream for me. I feel cherished and blessed. I would say it is a sense of accomplishment and it means a lot to me.

"If I could only choose one, it would be that time when I was getting ready for an event where I was the guest cosplayer. After I got ready, I could not open my room door. The lock was spoiled! My friends asked me to climb out from the window but I couldn't with my costume on," she said.

Sushii the gamer

As Eyjafjalla from the mobile game Arknights

Asked if she is also into gaming, Sushii replied: "I do play games occasionally. I'm addicted to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and I don't even dare to log in because I'm afraid I could not stop playing!"

What's Sushii's favorite game of all time?

As Houshou Marine from hololive

"I like Super Mario Party as I can socialize and have fun with my friends. Same goes for Just Dance. Just couldn't stop laughing when I saw my friends shaking their ass! I prefer games like these because I don't want to burn my brain cells," she said.

What message would Sushii like to share with her fans?

As Albedo from the anime series 'Overlord'

"To my Sushii Squad, thank you for being with me throughout my cosplay journey. I appreciate your love and encouragement more than words can express. This year, I hope I can experience the cosplay culture in other countries and meet you. Share with me the amazing events that I should not miss in your country!"

Now that would be sweet, indeed!