Spraky: Gamer, streamer, community manager

For YGG Pilipinas Community Lead Spraky, web3 is all about the community.

Spraky: Gamer, streamer, community manager
YGG Pilipinas Community Lead Spraky at the Axie Open Manila 2022 tournament held during the Philippine Web3 Festival 

For YGG Pilipinas Community Lead Spraky, web3 is all about the community. He said he is grateful that blockchain gaming has allowed him to help his fellow gamers and give opportunities to more Filipinos.

"I've been a gamer since I was a kid. I found out about blockchain technology through Axie Infinity. From there, I learned how to create an Ethereum wallet and the basics of crypto. I really got attracted to the community – the Axie Philippines community. We started at a couple of thousands and the Axie PH OGs were so helpful and really wanted to give more opportunities to our fellow Filipinos. That's why for me it's really not about the money – how much you'll earn in crypto, on web3. It's all about the community. Community is the most important part of web3," Spraky told Digital Life Asia.

Gaming for good

It was during the peak of the pandemic in November 2020 that Spraky began his web3 journey.

"I was inspired by some of the Axie PH OGs like Yield Guild Games Co-founder Gabby Dizon and Real Deal Guild Founder Benn Beckman, who were giving an opportunity to Filipinos amid the pandemic through Axie Infinity scholarships. So together with two of my friends, we started our own guild, AxU (Axie University)," Spraky said.

Say what you will about play-to-earn, but it became a powerful force for good that allowed gamers to earn a living during the pandemic and pay it forward by helping others. In fact, Filipinos are inextricably linked to the Axie Infinity story.

For a longtime gamer like Spraky, this was more proof that gaming truly can be life-changing.

"I got into gaming when I was around five years old when my aunt bought a Nintendo Game Boy. My first game was Mario and I played it for countless hours haha! I got hooked on gaming since," he said.

Asked which is his favorite game of all time, Spraky replied: "My favorite game is Dota. I've been playing it for more than 10 years, and I still play it now casually with friends."

Playing and streaming

This is why Spraky is also looking forward to playing more Dota-like MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games on web3.

"I also enjoy playing MMORPGs (multiplayer online role-playing games). Currently I'm playing the MMORPG web3 game GensoKishi Online and enjoying it with the awesome GensoPH community," he added.

When did Spraky start streaming?

"I started streaming when I began playing Axie Infinity. At first, I just streamed to teach our scholars and community members how to play the game. And to let them know what opportunities they could enjoy by playing the game. But I realized that streaming is fun. I love talking to people, so streaming is one way to communicate with your community. That's the most important part for me and that's why I love streaming," he said.

In fact, streaming is an extension of what Spraky is like in real life.

"I'm a super friendly guy that goes around the room and greets everyone haha! So if ever we've met at a party, I probably talked to you. I always play games together with my friends during my spare time. I really love hanging out with people both IRL and on Discord," he said.

Asked what message he would like to share with his fellow gamers, Spraky replied: "If you are trying out web3 gaming for the first time, earning tokens is good, but treat web3 games as a 'game'. Why do we play a game? Because we are having fun and enjoying the game. Just have fun and play with friends, meet new people, join the community, and see you in the metaverse!"

Sounds good to me!