Sally Dorasnow: The cosplayer as avid traveler

For Sally Dorasnow, one of the best things about cosplaying is traveling to different places.

Sally Dorasnow: The cosplayer as avid traveler
Malaysian cosplayer and content creator Sally Dorasnow as Sangonomiya Kokomi from the video game Genshin Impact

For Sally Dorasnow, a full-time cosplayer and content creator from Malaysia, one of the best things about cosplaying is getting to travel to different places.

"I think being able to travel and see the world while cosplaying is really great. Like the lockdown wasted two years and I was not able to travel. It really hindered my plans. But the little moments when people recognize my cosplay and take pictures with me motivate me to do better," Sally told Digital Life Asia.

Cosplay and anime

As Yae Miko from the video game Genshin Impact

Asked what she likes doing during her free time, Sally replied: "I love spending my free time playing games and with my fur kids. I love to challenge myself doing different kinds of cosplay ranging from cute Loli to your 'Ara Ara' Onee-san. I am a huge fan of cute maid cafés and love to travel and make friends."

It was her passion for anime that led Sally to the world of cosplay.

As Bocchi from the manga and anime series 'Bocchi the Rock!'

"As far as I can remember, I have always really enjoyed watching anime. I remember my first anime was 'Shakugan no Shana'. It really inspired me to try out cosplay. During that time, cosplay was expensive and not as accessible as it is today. So I held off my cosplay dream until I went to university and joined the Anime Club there. After giving it a go, I haven't stopped," Sally said.

Which character is Sally's favorite so far among the ones she's cosplayed?

As Kobeni Higashiyama from the manga and anime series 'Chainsaw Man'

"I've done a lot of cosplay. All of them give me a different perspective and challenge, but what stands out in my memory is the Guitar Girl by hitomio16 sensei. It was during the lockdown we had in Malaysia where we went to do the photo shoot at an Airbnb and somehow it become one of my more spicy yet appealing works," she said.

Gaming and streaming

As Alice from the video game Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Apart from cosplaying, Sally is also an avid gamer.

"My dad actually taught me how to play games on the PlayStation 1. I think it was Resident Evil. I was scared since I get dizzy from playing FPS games, yet it seemed to rub off on me and sparked my interest in video games. It slowly took off there and poof! I try to play my daily dose of Overwatch!"

She said that Overwatch is definitely her favorite game of all time, and that she also loves playing Pokémon on her Nintendo Switch.

YD Luna cosplay

Sally also loves streaming games.

"I do love the interaction I have with people when I stream. Like there's only so many people you can talk to at a café or when going out to have dinner. I like the feeling of it – like I am there to play games with them. On occasion my fur kids come and join the stream, too. Those are just precious moments that money can't buy. The experience," she said.

As Klee from the video game Genshin Impact

What message would Sally like to share with her fans?

"2023 and 2024 will be the year I will travel! Recommend me an amazing con and I may go! I want to booth around and collaborate with more people for photo shoots!"

Don't worry, Sally. The world is your oyster!