Patsy Reyes: Portrait of the Filipino actress as streamer

As one of the celebrity hosts on PIE, Patsy Reyes certainly wears many hats.

Patsy Reyes: Portrait of the Filipino actress as streamer

As one of the celebrity hosts on the Philippine TV and digital channel PIE (Pinoy Interactive Entertainment), Patsy Reyes certainly wears many hats. Her different projects, however, don't stop the Filipino actress and model from being an avid gamer who streams every day.

"I started streaming in early 2021. We play every day, so might as well stream it," Reyes told Digital Life Asia.

"I didn't actually expect that my channel will grow right away. From 50,000 to two million now. I'm very grateful to the community and all the people that helped me and still are," she said.

Sweet streams are made of these

One of the things that seems to set Reyes apart as a streamer is that she is quite down-to-earth and authentic. Which makes her relatable, and even hilarious.

"O, alam ninyo na tao rin ako, nagkaka-pimples (See, now you know I'm also human. I also get pimples)," is just an example of the many quips that you'll hear from Reyes while she streams Call of Duty: Mobile - Garena, of which she happens to be a partner streamer.

So how did Reyes fall in love with gaming?

"My Kuya (older brother) JR introduced me to gaming when I was still in grade school. Nagre-rent pa kami ng (We rented a) PlayStation for 10 to 15 pesos per hour and played Crash Bandicoot. And Dance Dance Revolution. Then PC naman (Meanwhile on PC) Counter-Strike, Red Alert, Warcraft," she said.

Asked to name her favorite video game of all time, Reyes enthusiastically replied: "Call of Duty: Mobile! Not a promotion. But even before they got me as their partner streamer, I'd been playing the game with my boyfriend and siblings."

Esports team co-founder

Reyes is also the co-founder of the Nasa Clan and Esports Team.

What has been her most memorable gaming experience so far?

"Most memorable madami na e (there's already been a lot). Pero siguro (But I guess) when we won the ROG (Republic of Gamers) Clash of Clans vs Team Donn. We won PHP25,000 but donated it to Pawssion Project. I'm not good but siyempre (of course) I picked the best teammates lol!"

Embracing blockchain gaming

Apart from being a gamer and streamer, Reyes has also embraced the world of web3 gaming.

One of the NFT games she is promoting is MIR M: Vanguard and Vagabond.

In fact, Reyes even cosplayed one of the game characters, the Sorceress.

When and how did Reyes embrace crypto?

"I started doing NFTs around February. [Brazilian Japanese model-actor] Dan Matsunaga saw my post sharing Doodles. And asked me if I want to join him and his friends in promoting projects on web3," she said.

Asked if she would like to promote her shows, Reyes replied: "I'm streaming every day! But depends on the day. Usually 8-11 PM or 7-10 PM. And every Sunday, please do watch "Sinong Manok Mo?" On PIE Channel or YouTube @iampieofficial from 6-8 PM."

So, looking for a game streamer who makes sure she is active on her channel and who will keep you entertained? Follow Patsy Reyes today!