Overwatch 2 celebrates Pride Month with 1st Pride event

The event includes Name Cards dedicated to the game's LGBTQ+ heroes.

Overwatch 2 celebrates Pride Month with 1st Pride event

In the words of Thailand's Lifeweaver, the first openly pansexual Overwatch hero: "Our strengths mingle."

Overwatch 2 is proving this as it celebrates Pride Month with its first ever Pride event. From June 1, everyone that logs into Overwatch 2 will receive an extensive collection of profile Player Icons and Name Cards celebrating the many diverse identities that make up the tapestry of this fantastic community. The full list of cosmetics can be found on the official blog.

Overwatch 2 and Pride


Name Cards dedicated to the game's LGBTQ+ heroes will be available.


This includes a lesbian card for Tracer, a gay card for Soldier: 76, a pansexual card for Lifeweaver, a bisexual card for Baptiste, and a lesbian card for Pharah.

Soldier: 76

For years, players have speculated on the sexual orientations of Baptiste and Pharah.


Not only is Overwatch 2 including them in these Pride cosmetics, but also publishing a brand new short story focusing on their identities, each other, and themselves.

'As You Are' is a new short story about Baptiste and Pharah

A core tenet of Overwatch 2 is giving everyone a chance to play the way they want, by choosing between different roles, unique playstyles, and diverse heroes that best fit each person’s individuality. Cosmetics such as Player Icons and Name Cards are a means to represent that for those who want a reflection of themselves in the Overwatch 2 universe.


In honor of what Pride Month means to so many people – and for the original Stonewall riots that inspired this annual celebration – for the whole month of June, the game will feature an updated Midtown map taking place shortly after a fantastic Pride parade.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar will also see the addition of a new photo in the barracks of Tracer and her partner Emily (this is also included as a new spray that can be equipped for Tracer).

Celebrate Pride in Overwatch 2 now!