Miho: The cosplayer as avid gamer

Shine at your own pace, and do not compare yourself to others, says Miho.

Miho: The cosplayer as avid gamer
Miho as Inori Yuzuriha from the anime series 'Guilty Crown'
Miho as Inori Yuzuriha from the anime series 'Guilty Crown'

Filipino cosplayer Miho admits she has a love/hate relationship with the cosplay industry because she doesn't enjoy the burnout. But she is definitely passionate about gaming, which was her way of bonding with her brother when he was still alive.

"It is a bit of a personal story for me, but I've decided to share it since I thought why not. One of the reasons I got into gaming was because of my late disabled older brother. Playing games with him was one of the ways we used to bond together, as it was very memorable," she told Digital Life Asia.

Hooked on gaming

As Taiga Aisaka (Tiger Version) from the manga and anime series 'Toradora!'

"Sometimes I would sneak out and go to an internet café, or go to the one-peso machine just to play games. I can't remember exactly the first game I played, though I used to occasionally play handheld and console games," Miho added.

Miho said she doesn't have a particular favorite game.

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"Though I like most of the games that I play despite having a short attention span. I also play a lot of FPS (first-person shooter) games like Valorant and Apex Legends."

Asked to describe herself, Miho replied: "If I were to sum up myself, I would say I'm a forgetful but very productive person. My eyesight is blurry, but I'm still cute. I'm also an introvert and an awkward person, but if you get to know me, I'm pretty cool and fun! Even though I'm only 149 centimeters in height, I could still reach my dreams!


Abort mission

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"As for my spare time, I like to try new things! Sometimes I feel burned out from all the work I'm doing. That's usually when I start exploring and learning new hobbies. I also have a pet named Nana. She's a munchkin cat with three-inch legs. She'll poke me with her tiny paws. She's the cutest!"

Discovering cosplay

As Matari from the video game Naraka: Bladepoint

How did Miho start her cosplay journey?

"Ever since I was young, I was always interested in these sorts of things. I just never had the opportunity and money to participate. Back in 2012, a schoolmate of mine invited me to participate in a cosplay event, and that's where it all began," she said.

While she has cosplayed many characters, Miho said she doesn't have a favorite one as she enjoyed portraying most of them.

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What's her most memorable cosplay experience so far?

"Back in 2014, I represented the Philippines at the World Cosplay Summit in Nagoya, Japan. It was definitely one of my proudest moments," she said.

What message would Miho like to share with aspiring cosplayers?


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"I have a love/hate relationship with this industry. I just do not enjoy the burnout, even though cosplaying itself can be really fun. Never forget to take care of yourself. Do your own thing, and most importantly, be kind to yourself. Shine at your own pace, and do not compare yourself to others," she said.

May all your dreams come true, Miho!