Lykable: The gamer as host and content creator

She's Lykable and she's likeable.

Lykable: The gamer as host and content creator
On set for VCT LOCK//IN Sao Paulo 2023

For Filipino content creator Lykable, gaming is not only a passion but also a career.

"I'm Lykable and I am likeable. Haha! Professionally, I am a host and content creator that's primarily focused on gaming, esports, and tech. Outside of this life, I am a mom to two dogs, a traveler, and just your average joe," Lykable told Digital Life Asia.

Blame it on Mario

Lykable loves gaming

Lykable has been creating content such as blog posts and vlogs as early as 2012. Meanwhile, it was in 2o19 that she started hosting esports events, talk shows focusing on tech and gaming, and on-site functions such as company parties.

How did Lykable fall in love with gaming, and what was the first game she ever played?

At Conquest 2022 with Lily Pichu (left)

"It's these types of questions that will inadvertently reveal your age. I got started on the good ol' Game Boy Classic. The first memory that I can unlock from this is playing a game from the Mario franchise. I can't remember the specifics, but I can guarantee you that our favorite mustached hero is in the game," she said.

Asked to name her favorite game of all time, Lykable replied: "My favorite game of all time would have to be Suikoden II. It was the very first RPG (role-playing game) that I finished on my own as a child. It was also the first game that made me feel things."

Building a community through streaming

On set for VCT Champions 2022

Lykable said that since her career revolves around gaming, the irony is that she doesn't have as much time to play anymore. Which is why her most memorable gaming experience takes her back.

"All of my core gaming memories still date back to my younger years. If you've heard of Legend of Legaia, then you'd know that the bosses there can be tough. So what my older sister and I would do back then was print walkthroughs from IGN's website, take a look at the HP (hit points) and elemental weakness of the boss, and use a calculator to make sure that we're being efficient with our damage. It's a funny strategy, but it worked! And it was a core gaming memory for me and my sister," she said.

On set for AMD Tech Friday

It was also because of her older sister that Lykable began streaming games.

"I started streaming in 2017 when Ragnarok Online Philippines returned. My older sister started streaming first, and that gave me the courage to try it out for myself. I love building a community through streaming! It's an easy way to find people you click with online. The best part of it all? My community and I found refuge in each other through the toughest of times throughout the pandemic. I am eternally grateful for them," she said.

Asked about her upcoming projects, Lykable replied: "I'll be hosting for VALORANT Challengers Philippines until March. I'll also be sharing lifestyle content on my new Youtube channel, so please subscribe to

So, are you holding a gaming, esports, or tech event? Let Lykable be your voice!