Luximity: Asian American cosplayer shares love for anime and games

Luximity says the charisma and energy of the cosplay community instantly captivated her.

Luximity: Asian American cosplayer shares love for anime and games
Luximity as Race Queen Artoria from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order. Image credit: Shiro.Pix
Luximity as Race Queen Artoria from the mobile game Fate/Grand Order. Image credit: Shiro.Pix

As a child, Texas-based Asian American cosplayer Luximity was a huge fan of anime. This passion led her to embrace the world of cosplay.

"It was no surprise that I found myself attending an anime convention in 2016. While I already knew that fans would dress up as their favorite characters to attend conventions, I was still taken aback by the sheer number of people in elaborate costumes who were having an incredible time. The charisma and energy of the cosplay community instantly captivated me, and I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I planned my first cosplay in 2017 and have been cosplaying ever since," Luximity told Digital Life Asia.

Cosplayer and content creator

As Succubus Rosaria. Image credit: Self-shot

As a full-time cosplayer and content creator, Luximity said her work and personal time often blur together.

"I spend any spare moment I have editing and brainstorming new ideas. It's challenging for me to switch off my work mode, as inspiration can strike at any given moment. For instance, I may be craving a Reese's Cup one moment and then suddenly have an idea to film Anya drawing Yor and Loid out of peanut butter," she said.

As Albedo. Image credit: Shiro.Pix

Which characters has Luximity cosplayed and who is her favorite among them?

"Oof, I've cosplayed a lot of characters from various video games, anime, and even original characters.

As Lancer Artoria. Image credit: pndanoodlez

"Some of my more recent cosplays include Albedo from Overlord; Lin from Tower of Fantasy; Winter Shopper Rupee from NIKKE; Succubus Rosaria and Eula from Genshin Impact; Xie Lian from Tian Guan Ci Fu; and Power, Makima, and Reze from Chainsaw Man.

As Rupee. Image credit: Shiro.Pix

"Out of all my cosplays so far, my favorite ones are definitely my Lancer Artoria and Rupee cosplays."

From gaming to streaming

As Lin from Tower of Fantasy. Image credit: Shiro.Pix

Asked what her most memorable cosplay experience has been so far, Luximity replied: "I had the pleasure of working with Tower of Fantasy during Anime New York City this past winter. It was my first time collaborating with a game company as a cosplayer at a convention. The team was amazing, it was an absolute joy to work alongside them. I was able to meet and take pictures with many fans during the event, which was such a treat. This experience was definitely one of the highlights of my year as a cosplayer in 2022."

Apart from anime, Luximity also loves playing games.

As Jinx from the video game League of Legends and the Netflix animated series 'Arcane' based on its lore. Image credit: Shiro.Pix

"While I'm not into gaming as much as I used to be in high school, I still enjoy it from time to time. In those days, I spent a lot of my free time playing League of Legends with my online friends. However, my very first video game memory was playing Donkey Kong Country on a tiny red Game Boy," she said.

As Succubus Eula. Image credit: huberthuyphotography

Luximity has also ventured into game streaming, holding her very first Twitch stream in March.  

"I'm really looking forward to creating a community on this platform and connecting with my supporters. I want to get to know them better in a playful and relaxed setting," she said.

As Makima. Image credit: Self-shot

Luximity also shared that she is working on her very first full-length video for her YouTube channel.

"It combines cosplay with art in a unique scenario. I’ll give you a hint on which character is involved: Power from Chainsaw Man with Jam. Once it's published, I would greatly appreciate any support and feedback on my channel," she said.

As Schwarz from the mobile game Arknights. Image credit: Shiro.Pix

What message would Luximity like to share with her fans?

As Marin from the manga and anime series 'My Dress-Up Darling'. Image credit: Shiro.Pix

"It's completely normal to feel nervous and anxious about the future, but don't let that stop you from pursuing your dreams. Remember to be your own biggest supporter and believe in yourself. I have faith in you!"

Thanks, Luximity! Keep shining!