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Photo by Andre Benz / Unsplash
Ely Macaso: Indigenous artist preserves cultural heritage via NFTs
His cultural heritage permeates everything Ely Macaso does as an artist.
‘The Odd 1s Out’ and why it’s OK not to be cool
Remember all the stupid things we did just to try to be part of the cool crowd?
Vietnam is in the heart: Back to the future in Ho Chi Minh City
In 1996, I flew to Ho Chi Minh City, which is still more popularly known as Saigon.
Change Asia, change the world
Asia is where the future is being built.
Kenneth Surillo: Make the world a better place with art
Filipino artist Kenneth Surillo is also a photographer and filmmaker.
Mav Gonzales: From kiddie show host to multimedia journalist
As a kid, Mav Gonzales wanted to become a hotel owner or dog walker.
SONG of Singapore: Artist shapes future via mythical past
SONG creates artwork based on an imaginary ancient civilization of Singapore.
Thai food artist finds sweet success in Malaysia
During the pandemic, Sulakkana Marc took matters into her own hands.
Why minimalism is a state of mind
In 2011, I started embracing minimalism after I discovered Leo Babauta’s zen habits blog.
Rixou: Cyberpunk meets anime meets 80s pop culture
For Rixou, NFT art is a powerful platform for democratizing the art market.
Finding meaning in a postmodern, post-pandemic world
Our work is not measured by money and prestige, but by how useful we make ourselves.
Jollibee and love in the time of precognition
Did you know that Jollibee was mentioned in a Hugo Award-winning science fiction novelette?
Agatha and the magic of NFT art
NFT art is a powerful platform that more artists should embrace, according to Agatha.
Headspace: Meditation in the digital age
Headspace demystifies meditation, marrying ancient wisdom with science and technology.
‘The Future Is Asian’: Why Asia is the revolution
The world is being Asianized. We are seeing this seismic shift in every industry.
‘Deeper: An erotic anthology’: The writer as voyeur
In “Deeper”, we encounter the erotic as both pleasure and pain.