Larissa Rochefort: Indonesian cosplayer hailed among world's best

On Dec. 13, 2022, Larissa Rochefort had one of her most memorable cosplay experiences during the Esports Awards presented by Lexus, whose ceremony was held in Las Vegas. The Indonesian cosplayer landed in the Top 3 for the Esports Cosplay of the Year presented by Crocs, behind the winner Kinpatsu Cosplay from Canada and first runner-up Littlejem from the UK.

"I am humbled to stand beside the best cosplayers in the world," Larissa told Digital Life Asia.

Origin story

Larissa has certainly come a long way from the young fan who first encountered cosplay in 2012.

"I first saw KANAME and Alodia Gosiengfiao in CLAS:H 2012 at Balai Kartini Jakarta. My mother accompanied me to meet my cosplay idols and the little me could only record their performance with my old Nokia phone. 'I want to be like them someday', was the only thing that crossed my mind that time.

When Larissa (left) met Alodia

"It's like a miracle, where hard work and prayer turn my dreams into reality. What attracted me is actually I loved drawing anime/manga style since I was kid. I thought it would be much more fun if I can become the character I draw and love!

"I told Alodia this too [when we met in February this year] and I'm very happy to let her know that she's my source of inspiration," she said.

Asked what she likes doing during her spare time, Larissa replied: "I like to watch anime and play games. What I do on a regular basis is probably photoshoots, making content, editing my cosplay photos, and fitness!"

Apart from placing in the Top 3 for the Esports Cosplay of the Year award, Larissa said one of her most memorable cosplay experiences was representing Indonesia at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

For the win

As Caitlyn

Larissa is the official cosplayer of Caitlyn from the Netflix animated series "Arcane", which is based on the lore of the video game League of Legends

Not only that, but also she is the official NIKKE INDONESIA Brand Ambassador 2023.

As well as the official Ningguang mascot of HoYoFAIR 2023.

How did Larissa get hooked on gaming?

"Because I was a gamer since I was a kid, my first console was the Nintendo Game Boy Micro! I played Pokémon Fire Red and Harvest Moon. From there, I found out about Point Blank during elementary school at a network cafe nearby," she said.

Asked to name her favorite game of all time, Larissa replied: "Harvest Moon and Pokémon.️ For now, I really enjoy playing FPS games such as Valorant more!"

According to Larissa, she first started streaming games in 2017 when she was playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

"I didn't know then that the community was still growing and I'm very happy to contribute to the Indonesian esports ecosystem! I am mostly spreading my wings overseas as well in gaming and streaming," she said.

What message would Larissa like to share with her fans and aspiring cosplayers?

"The real battle is always between you and yourself! Pray that you will receive wisdom with Light guiding you. Your mind also has power and don't let what others say drag you down.

"With support from people who genuinely care about you and your efforts, you will grow. Always hold dear those who stand beside you when you have nothing. Be grateful!"

Wise words, indeed, Larissa!

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