'Kill Boksoon' slays as it tops Netflix list for non-English films

It's only been three days after its release, but South Korean action film "Kill Boksoon" is already No. 1 in Netflix's Global Top 10 Films (Non-English) list.

Starring Jeon Do-yeon as Gil Boksoon, "Kill Boksoon" has secured its place within the Top 10 in 82 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Singapore, Spain, and Malaysia, where the film was ranked first. Meanwhile, Lee Jae-wook of "Alchemy of Souls" fame also delighted fans with his special appearance in the movie.

Jeon Do-yeon as Gil Boksoon. Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix

As Boksoon, Jeon is a single mother to her teen daughter Jae-young (Kim Si-a). Ironically, while her parenting skills leave a lot to be desired, she is extremely good at her job – which happens to be killing people.

While the world thinks she works for an ordinary event-planning company called MK Entertainment, she's actually a hired killer with a 100% success rate.

Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix

The supporting cast also includes Lee Yeon as Kim Young-ji, a trainee at the top of her class who is awaiting her "debut" and looks up to Boksoon as a role model. The actress also recently made a special appearance as the younger version of Jeon's character Nam Haeng-seon in "Crash Course in Romance".

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