Hawawa Daimyojin: From anime girl to cosplayer

Hawawa Daimyojin started cosplaying during graduate school.

Hawawa Daimyojin: From anime girl to cosplayer
Japanese cosplayer Hawawa Daimyojin as Yumeko Jabami from the manga and anime series 'Kakegurui'

Anime girls ignited Tokyo-based Japanese cosplayer Hawawa Daimyojin's passion for cosplay.

"I became a cosplayer when I started graduate school. I used to like cute anime girls, so I started cosplaying to be an anime girl," Hawawa told Digital Life Asia.

Art of cosplay

Asked which is her favorite character among the ones she has cosplayed, Hawawa replied: "I have cosplayed many characters. My favorite out of all of them is Shinzuru of Genshin impact. I put a lot of stuffing inside the costume because the character's body line shows a lot. I also bought pipes and painted and reinforced them so that the weapons would not break. I think I was able to achieve a satisfactory result because of the effort I put in."

According to Hawawa, her most memorable cosplay experience so far has been cosplaying "Attack on Titan".

"It was really difficult to wear the 3D Maneuver Gear (Editor's note: also known as the omni-directional mobility gear), and I spent a whole day with a friend practicing wearing it.

"We also went to another prefecture to shoot in a forest and spent one night and two days there," she said.

Movies and games

As Ningguang from the video game Genshin Impact

Hawawa said that she usually works in the licensing industry.

What does she like doing during her spare time?

Chainsaw Man Power cosplay

"I like anime, manga, and horror movies. On my days off, I basically watch Netflix or Amazon Prime at the cinema or at home," she said.

Hawawa said that she really loves watching movies, particular horror films.

Love Live! Cat Twintail Version Apple Chan

"I really like horror movies, and I wrote my master's thesis on the subject of horror movies and feminism in graduate school. Recently, I enjoyed 'Last Night in Soho' and 'Willy's Wonderland,'" she said.

Hawawa added that she is also into gaming.

As Anis at the NIKKE x Chainsaw Man collab event

"I love games! But I'm not very good at playing them, so basically I just play mobile games. Right now I'm addicted to Path to Nowhere, Project Sekai, and Twisted-Wonderland.

"Also Dead by Daylight is my favorite game. I've learned a lot by watching gameplay videos, but I've only achieved a red belt once," she said.

Emilia (Crystal Dress Version) from the manga and anime series 'Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World'

Asked what message she would like to share with her fans, Hawawa replied: "Thank you for always watching me! I'm going to continue to have fun cosplaying, so please keep watching!

White Rabbit

"On Twitter, I send out real-time information. On Instagram, I post past works taken by our photographers. Follow us on both if you'd like!"

Battle Maid

One thing's for sure: we're glad Hawawa wanted to become an anime girl, and we're excited to see where her cosplay journey takes her next!