GENSO Online: 5 reasons to love this web3 game

GENSO Online is part of the second generation of blockchain games.

GENSO Online: 5 reasons to love this web3 game

With all the web3 games that have been launched and that are coming out, how will you decide which one is worth your time? After all, playing a game takes a lot of commitment.

One blockchain game that has been making a mark across Asia is GensoKishi Online (GENSO Online), which is part of the second generation of blockchain games that emerged after the play-to-earn era.

Here are five reasons to check out GENSO Online.

15-year-old metaverse

GENSO Online prides itself on being the only metaverse web3 game with a 15-year history. Its first incarnation came out in 2008 – on a flip phone, in fact.

Then known as Elemental Knights Online, GENSO Online won the Gold Award for Game of the Year in Taiwan in 2012.

The team then brought the game to the PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

This attests to the appeal of the game, which has earned the loyalty of its community for the past 15 years, across different gaming platforms.

UGC to earn

One of the things that sets GENSO Online apart from other web3 games is UGC to earn.

The game itself is free-to-play, meaning you don't have to buy a non-fungible token (NFT) to play GENSO Online. With UGC to earn, players have the opportunity to create and sell their unique content inside the game world. As creators, they will earn real-world rewards.

Not only that, but also GENSO Online encourages community members to become content creators through initiatives such as the UGC Contest. Players can submit their 3D model design that will be turned into cosplay equipment for use inside the game.

GENSO Online also has a Creators Program that recognizes the best UGC submitted by content creators within the community.

IP collaborations

Thanks to its 15-year history, GENSO Online has developed strong connections in Japan and has been able to leverage this into partnerships with great IPs and creators.

For instance, GENSO Online created special collaboration NFTs with legendary Japanese visual artist Yoshitaka Amano. Known for his commissioned illustrations for Final Fantasy, he won the 1999 Bram Stoker Award for "Sandman: The Dream Hunters" – his collaboration with Neil Gaiman.

GENSO Online's collaborations also include Sanrio, the world-famous creators of the iconic Hello Kitty, and the Fairy Tail manga and anime franchise.

Community, community, community

Not only does GENSO Online have a thriving online community, but also it is rolling out on-ground community events in different countries.

For instance, it recently held the first GENSO Online community event in the Philippines.

GENSO Online ambassador nonoka also shared a message for the Filipino community.

Meanwhile, Philippine crypto e-wallet and crypto exchange also held a joint on-ground event in the Philippines with GENSO Online. The event was held at Keepers, the country’s first Web3- and NFT-powered gastropub.

Real gamers, real people

Last but not least, the GENSO Online team is made up of real gamers.

Real people who are passionate about gaming, and want to make the benefits of web3 gaming available to all.

The GENSO Online team at the Philippine Web3 Festival

The whole team, including GENSO Online CEO Maxi Kuan and GENSO Online Global Comms and Community Head Nobara, is determined to make the players happy not only with the game, but also with the community that they are co-creating.

See you in GENSO Online!