GENSO Online: 15-year-old metaverse game promotes UGC to earn

GENSO Online is a sprawling metaverse of adventure, discovery, and inclusivity.

GENSO Online: 15-year-old metaverse game promotes UGC to earn

A metaverse game whose first incarnation came out in 2008, GensoKishi Online (GENSO Online) is now paving the way for the second generation of blockchain games by pushing UGC to earn.

"UGC to earn is a groundbreaking feature of GENSO that allows players to create and sell their unique content within the game world, earning real-world rewards for their creativity and ingenuity," GENSO Online Global Comms and Community Head Nobara told Digital Life Asia.

Back to the future

According to Nobara, some of the most exciting intellectual property (IP) collaborations that GENSO has done include Sanrio, the world-famous creators of the iconic Hello Kitty, and the Fairy Tail manga and anime franchise.

"A famous IP importation from the web3 space would be the Aavegotchi ghost. You can spot it in GENSO," she added.

Asked to describe GENSO Online in 10 words or less, Nobara replied: "GENSO is a sprawling metaverse of adventure, discovery, and inclusivity."

What is the origin story of GENSO Online?

The game's first iteration actually came out on a flip phone in 2008. Then known as Elemental Knights Online, GENSO Online won the Gold Award for Game of the Year in Taiwan in 2012.

The team then brought the game to the PlayStation and Nintendo platforms.

How has GENSO Online been able to enjoy the loyalty of its community for the past 15 years, across different gaming platforms?

"It's a mix of different factors. Japan has always been known for its strong presence in the game and entertainment market, giving our team the benefit of having connections with some of the most well-renowned brands and IPs in the space. Another point to consider is the community focus. Being an open-world MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game), GENSO provides a thriving and exciting environment for its players, making it a place where people can get together and have fun. Our community is extremely loyal and has followed us on all our ventures thus far," she said.

Embracing web3

With its latest iteration, GENSO Online has fully embraced blockchain gaming.

"As technology progressed and the blockchain space evolved, they saw the potential to attract a global following and take GENSO to the next level. With the help of Polygon Labs, we are one of the best-performing web3 games and are growing our user and partner base exponentially. The founder and CEO, Maxi Kuan, has overseen the transition and has been behind GENSO from Day 1," Nobara said.

Asked to name the main challenges GENSO Online had to overcome in transitioning to web3, Nobara replied: "Setting aside the technical barriers, regulatory hurdles, and challenges in sustaining a strong community of supporters and contributors, we had to adapt and learn a lot about rebuilding a well-balanced game economy that isn't subject to exploits. We chose to build in web3 as we understand it's the future. GENSO has proven its resilience to the fast-paced changes in the digital age, and we want to see how we can navigate this new and exciting space!"

Nobara with the author at last year's Philippine Web3 Festival

As a second generation web3 game, GENSO Online aims to avoid the mistakes of play-to-earn.  

"The biggest lesson learned from the mistakes of the play-to-earn model is the importance of balancing fair compensation for players with a sustainable and engaging game design. In GENSO, the team has worked hard to create an economy that rewards creativity, skill, and dedication while ensuring the game remains fun and engaging for all players," Nobara said.

According to Nobara, GENSO Online has a lot in store for its players in 2023.

"Our plans for GENSO this year include expanding the metaverse with new regions, quests, and storylines. We are also enhancing the UGC to earn feature to offer even more opportunities for creativity and earning. We will also continue engaging and rewarding the vibrant and growing community of GENSO players and creators," she said.

So, looking for a web3 game that offers its community and creators different ways to earn? Check out GENSO Online today!