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Geek Culture
Photo by Dex Ezekiel / Unsplash
Miho: The cosplayer as avid gamer
Shine at your own pace, and do not compare yourself to others, says Miho.
Yhu Mei: The Filipino cosplayer as toy collector
Cosplay is not just about dressing up as your favorite character, but also building meaningful relationships.
Nessarose: The small town girl as cosplayer and streamer
Don’t take things too seriously, and don’t measure success by social media clout, Nessarose advises aspiring cosplayers.
Luximity: Asian American cosplayer shares love for anime and games
Luximity says the charisma and energy of the cosplay community instantly captivated her.
Larissa Rochefort: Indonesian cosplayer hailed among world’s best
She is the official cosplayer of Caitlyn from the Netflix animated series ‘Arcane’.
Kat Grey: The cosplayer as Korean entertainment company trainee
Cosplay is for everyone, according to this half-Vietnamese and half-Russian cosplayer and model.
Pudds: From cosplayer to Warner Music Malaysia recording artist
During her early teens, Pudds didn’t have many friends at school since being an anime fan was often looked down upon.
Kiyo: Loving life and cosplay in the Lion City
This Singapore-based cosplayer describes herself as “eccentric, quirky, and sometimes a workaholic”.
HIKO: From Taiwan with love
When she was still studying, HIKO worked part-time, trying to earn money to make her costumes.
Clarissa Punipun: Cosplayer, musician, software engineer
This Indonesian cosplayer has a software engineering degree from the University of Nottingham.
Hawawa Daimyojin: From anime girl to cosplayer
Hawawa Daimyojin started cosplaying during graduate school.
Ac cosplay: The gamer as cosplayer
According to Ac cosplay, her cosplay journey began when she saw Alodia.
Sally Dorasnow: The cosplayer as avid traveler
For Sally Dorasnow, one of the best things about cosplaying is traveling to different places.
LiaBear: Cosplayers, gravure models not your love interests
LiaBear says she’s “a burnt-out adult, working hard to pay bills, then crying about it later”.
Rina Tan: How cosplay turns your dreams into reality
Rina Tan said it was an honor to be part of the Final Fantasy XV launch event.
Ross Diong and the wonders of cosplay
As a kid growing up in Kenya, Filipino cosplayer Ross Diong fell in love with anime.