Everyone is a gamer.

Photo by Sigmund / Unsplash
Axie Infinity: Origins in your iPhone area
Sky Mavis also announced the Mavis Market, where users can buy, sell, and showcase NFTs powered by Ronin.
Community management from the POV of community managers
We examine community management by talking to the people who understand it best: the community managers themselves.
GENSO Online: 15-year-old metaverse game promotes UGC to earn
GENSO Online is a sprawling metaverse of adventure, discovery, and inclusivity.
Overwatch 2: Phuwin Tangsakyuen voices game’s 1st Thai hero
Lifeweaver, whose full name is Niran PruksaManee, is the first openly pansexual Overwatch hero.
Free Fire hits streets of Malaysia with flagship Ramadan event
Join the many exciting activities aimed at fostering community harmony in the spirit of Ramadan.
Froyo Games launches Gamebox web3 gaming arcade
Gamebox offers a unique web3 gaming experience by combining skill-based gameplay with the excitement of prize draws.
Lykable: The gamer as host and content creator
She’s Lykable and she’s likeable.
Albion Online developer bullish on APAC growth
Sandbox Interactive has launched a dedicated Albion East server for the region.
Spraky: Gamer, streamer, community manager
For YGG Pilipinas Community Lead Spraky, web3 is all about the community.
Of PopMatters and Fuzzy Bunnies
One of the proudest moments of my life was when I was accepted by PopMatters.
Cryptopia: Metaverse, city-state, community
Cryptopia is a metaverse game built entirely on the blockchain, and so it walks the web3 talk.
Patsy Reyes: Portrait of the Filipino actress as streamer
As one of the celebrity hosts on PIE, Patsy Reyes certainly wears many hats.