eArena of Thailand triumphs at Free Fire SEA Invitational 2023

The team took home the championship trophy and US$100,000 cash prize.

eArena of Thailand triumphs at Free Fire SEA Invitational 2023

Thailand's eArena has emerged as the champion in the Free Fire SEA Invitational (FFSI). Their win also marks Thailand's fourth consecutive international Free Fire championship title, after three victories at the Free Fire World Series (FFWS) in the past two years.

eArena racked up 128 eliminations, three Booyahs, and an impressive tally of 232 points after three intense days of competition, paving their way to the championship trophy and US$100,000 cash prize.

Thailand FTW

Twelve teams from different regions faced off in a total of 18 electrifying battles across three days.

Team eArena managed to maintain its top spot in the first two days, scoring over 30 points ahead of the other teams on each day. The stakes were high on the third day of the Grand Finals, as teams persevered and put up a strong fight in the final lap. Nonetheless, eArena proved unstoppable with its exceptional and consistent performance, accumulating three Booyahs, 184 placement points, and 128 eliminations to win the tournament with 232 points.

With 111 eliminations and 115 placement points, Thailand's Magic Esport claimed a well-deserved second-place finish with 226 points. Morph Team of Indonesia also showcased its exceptional prowess with 106 eliminations and two Booyahs, finishing in third place with 218 points.

eArena's EA.Limit also lit up the stage and showcased his exceptional skills by being named the Finals Most Valuable Player of FFSI, with an outstanding performance of 44 eliminations and 38 assists.

eArena captain EA.Protetae shared that the team's key to success is understanding one another through effective communication and countless practice sessions together.

"We were also inspired by the two Thai teams that have gotten three world championships in total. I think our teams from Thailand have the best close combat skills," EA.Limit added.

Come November, fans and players can look forward to FFWS 2023, which is set to feature the best Free Fire teams from major competitive regions, including Brazil and Latin America.