'Black Knight' trailer: Kim Woo-bin stars in dystopian K-drama

In the dystopian future of "Black Knight", which was finally revealed to the world through its first teaser trailer, toxic air pollution has ravaged the land.

This Netflix series, which premieres worldwide on May 12, follows the journey of the legendary delivery man 5-8 (Kim Woo-bin), as he takes on the all-powerful Cheonmyeong Group in a dystopian portrayal of Korea devastated by severe air pollution, making it uninhabitable without an oxygen mask.

Image credit: Courtesy of Netflix

The newly released poster features 5-8 donning his signature mask in a desolate world, engulfed by sand and polluted air.

Set in the year 2071, "Black Knight" is based on Lee Yoon-gyun's webtoon Delivery Knight. Apart from lead actor Kim, the series stars Esom, who played Cha Min-hee in "Kill Boksoon", Kang Yoo-seok, and Song Seung-heon.

In the trailer, 5-8, explains the role of black knights, who risk their lives to protect delivery trucks from hunters who steal essential resources like oxygen.

Amid the chaos, viewers will be able to spot hints of cutting-edge technology, adding to the intrigue surrounding the series' ultimate worldview.

"When I first read the webtoon, I found the setup to be extremely innovative. It's not the delivery men that we know of  – they fight off the hunters to deliver oxygen and daily necessities, meaning that they play the most crucial role in the survival of the remaining mankind. That really appealed to me," said series director Cho Ui-seok in a press statement.

Are you ready for Netflix's next delivery?

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